The internet is filled with videos of cats…

Working with Save-A-Pet, I’ve been making countless adoption videos featuring an individual cat or dog and telling their story in an attempt to reach out to the greater community. I, by nature, am a dog person. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that I am allergic to cats. But alas, video does not wait on my running nose. My first attempt at cat videos proved to be a bit unsuccessful – the big old camera rig was a bit off putting to most of the cats and these cats weren’t doing all the cute and entertaining things that cats do on the internet. I went back to the drawing board and ended up deciding to let a cat person work with the cats. Leasing out a handheld camera, with the help of Save-A-Pet volunteer Andi, she was able to capture the unique and maybe even a bit precious moments of the SAP cat room that my running nose wouldn’t allow me. With this new footage in tote, we have started wave two of SAP cat videos. Fewer words, more cuteness, and maybe even a little bit of viral-ability. Here is one of the first, more to come soon:

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