Based in Grayslake, Illinois, Cooperland Productions is a small production company dedicated to bring the art of video production to everyone. Video is about taking what inspires you and sharing it with the world. In this day and age where everyone can upload and share media, the background and education in new media production trained a nuanced eye in video editing to tell stories in unique and engaging ways.

Lead producer and founder Julie Ihlenfeldt graduated from Butler University in 2008 with a BA in Media Arts with a concentration in video production. Post graduation, she worked for a stint in Indianapolis with Emmis Communications doing video work for their radio entities. Also in this time, she acted as lead producer and director for the entity IHSAASports.org, webcasting high school sporting events from across the state of Indiana.

In June of 2010, Julie moved back home to Grayslake and began working to start her own production company. Finding a niche in local non-for-profits, the work didn’t always pay but it became clear that her work was helping to build community engagement. Building almost entirely from on-line content, Cooperland Productions has been able to reach thousands of viewers and continues to expand.

Cooperland Productions shoots on P2 media and mini dv using a Panasonic AG-HVX200a camera. Edits are completed on the Final Cut Pro Studio Suite.

For more information or to get a project quote, please email CooperlandProductions@gmail.com.

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