The Oasis: Live Video of Icarus the Owl

Recently touring band Icarus the Owl played The Oasis and I was able to capture a song of their set. This is a great band and it was a total pleasure to record them!


There are lots of great shows coming up at The Oasis. Keep up to date by liking the Oasis facebook page.

An upcoming event that is near and dear to my heart is Girls Night. This is going to be a stellar event. If you are in the Grayslake area, definitely stop by. Full night of entertainment for a small $5 donation!

Illinois Shorthair Rescue

Latest client video – animal rescue group, Illinois Shorthair Rescue. These pups are adorable and very high energy. Luckily, I only got knocked down by one of them once during production. Not too bad considering how many I met.


Some new things are afoot for Cooperland. I’ve been a bit off with updating recently, but keeping busy. As always, if you have any questions or interest in video, please reach out at


What Not to Wear: Save-A-Pet Edition

In brainstorming new and viral content for Save-A-Pet, I developed this parody reality show concept. This is the first video in that vein and dependent on the feedback, could be a direction we are going to explore more. I think this concept really told this specific story very well and am hoping it is well received. Any thoughts or comments? Let me know!