Illinois Shorthair Rescue

Latest client video – animal rescue group, Illinois Shorthair Rescue. These pups are adorable and very high energy. Luckily, I only got knocked down by one of them once during production. Not too bad considering how many I met.


Some new things are afoot for Cooperland. I’ve been a bit off with updating recently, but keeping busy. As always, if you have any questions or interest in video, please reach out at


What Not to Wear: Save-A-Pet Edition

In brainstorming new and viral content for Save-A-Pet, I developed this parody reality show concept. This is the first video in that vein and dependent on the feedback, could be a direction we are going to explore more. I think this concept really told this specific story very well and am hoping it is well received. Any thoughts or comments? Let me know!


Tuxedos for Tails Recap

A year ago and change, my relationship with local animal adoption center Save-A-Pet began. One of the first events I covered for them was their last year’s Tuxedos for Tails fundraising event. It is quite an event, media wise, filled with slideshows, a presentation video, and of course the desire to have to recapped for all those who weren’t able to be there that night. Last year, I did the recap. This year, I did it all. In a year that has been a bit slower in terms of development and big news moments for Cooperland, this is one spot of growth that is a highlight. While 2 out of 3 aren’t prepped for internet release, I can share this year’s recap video. Features our very own SAP alum Kado “Potato” up front there, who is always in his tuxedo.


They always say, when it rains, it pours. The Chicago Fringe Festival has come and gone. There is a bunch of video content on the Cooperland youtube but I’ll add a highlight here.

And another.

As the life of a producer goes, now that post is done, back into pre. Things are churning away and I’m keeping my eyes and ears open for whatever comes my way. Have an interesting project idea? Send me an email –

Until next time, goodbye.

2011 Chicago Fringe Festival

I am lucky to be working with the Chicago Fringe Festival taking some video of there events and shows. What’s a Fringe Festival? Well, the Chicago Fringe Festival website defines it as

A Fringe Festival can be loosely defined as a performance festival that seeks the un-tried and the weird. A movement that started in 1947 in Edinburgh, Scotland, Fringes now appear across the U.S. and all over the world. Our closest Fringes are Minnesota Fringe, Kansas City Fringe and Indianapolis Fringe.

This is the Chicago Fringe’s second year running and from what little I’ve seen thus far, it looks like it is going to be incredible. Here is just a taste of a show I was able to tape last night:

Tadashi / Tonight, The City Skyline / Cats!

Last week, taping at The Oasis was like a blast from the past. A few guys I knew back from high school are playing in a new band called Tadashi. I was able to tape most of their set and here is the link to the video playlist:

Tadashi Live at The Oasis

The first band that I caught that night was called Tonight, The City Skyline. They said that they were usually an acoustic band and this was an experiment in a fuller electric sound. Here is a bit of video from that:

And I know everyone has been anxiously awaiting the return of cat video here at Cooperland Productions. Delving through the video that volunteer Andi so graciously took for me (being allergic to cats can have its problems when you work with an animal shelter), I was able to edit and put together three more cat videos that are now up on the Save-A-Pet youtube page. Here is one of those:

Long week of post production this week and now onto a little more production this weekend. Looking forward to working with some new people and moving forward with some videos that are ready to move out of preproduction.