The Oasis: Live Video of Icarus the Owl

Recently touring band Icarus the Owl played The Oasis and I was able to capture a song of their set. This is a great band and it was a total pleasure to record them!


There are lots of great shows coming up at The Oasis. Keep up to date by liking the Oasis facebook page.

An upcoming event that is near and dear to my heart is Girls Night. This is going to be a stellar event. If you are in the Grayslake area, definitely stop by. Full night of entertainment for a small $5 donation!

Tadashi / Tonight, The City Skyline / Cats!

Last week, taping at The Oasis was like a blast from the past. A few guys I knew back from high school are playing in a new band called Tadashi. I was able to tape most of their set and here is the link to the video playlist:

Tadashi Live at The Oasis

The first band that I caught that night was called Tonight, The City Skyline. They said that they were usually an acoustic band and this was an experiment in a fuller electric sound. Here is a bit of video from that:

And I know everyone has been anxiously awaiting the return of cat video here at Cooperland Productions. Delving through the video that volunteer Andi so graciously took for me (being allergic to cats can have its problems when you work with an animal shelter), I was able to edit and put together three more cat videos that are now up on the Save-A-Pet youtube page. Here is one of those:

Long week of post production this week and now onto a little more production this weekend. Looking forward to working with some new people and moving forward with some videos that are ready to move out of preproduction.

The Oasis

I just started working with a local youth center called the Oasis. They have bands that come in every Friday and Saturday to play for a crowd of largely 13-18 year olds (and a few of us 24 year olds). This is definitely the type of place I would have loved as a teen and I’m glad to see people investing time and resources into this. Here is a video of one of the bands I taped while there. More will be available in the coming days at the Oasis youtube.