Save-A-Pet Podcast – Episode 3

Social Media and an Adoptable We Adore!

Today we discuss how social media is quickly becoming the go-to tool in the world of animal rescue. We also talk about a few animal related social media outlets that we love to follow and keep up to date with! And learn about one of Save-A-Pet’s adoptable dogs, Herman!

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Save-A-Pet Podcast – Episode 2

Spring is in the air and it’s raining kittens!

Today we discuss the upcoming Save-A-Pet kitten shower. The activities we do for this event, how vital our foster network is, and how adorable kittens are.

Find out more about the Save-A-Pet kitten shower by visiting the event page on Facebook!

We also discuss how the three of us got involved with animals, animals rescue, Save-A-Pet, and the other animal welfare organizations out there that have touched our lives.


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Save-A-Pet Podcast – Episode 1

Cooperland Productions is excited to announce a new venture : the Save-A-Pet Podcast.

[audio ]

Myself and fellow Save-A-Pet volunteers Kathy and Andi are bringing you all things animal rescue.

On today’s episode we discuss:

Tricks and tips for working with animals for video and photos.

Springtime safety and general animal well being when spring time comes along. With a side tangent on cars.


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