The internet is filled with videos of cats…

Working with Save-A-Pet, I’ve been making countless adoption videos featuring an individual cat or dog and telling their story in an attempt to reach out to the greater community. I, by nature, am a dog person. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that I am allergic to cats. But alas, video does not wait on my running nose. My first attempt at cat videos proved to be a bit unsuccessful – the big old camera rig was a bit off putting to most of the cats and these cats weren’t doing all the cute and entertaining things that cats do on the internet. I went back to the drawing board and ended up deciding to let a cat person work with the cats. Leasing out a handheld camera, with the help of Save-A-Pet volunteer Andi, she was able to capture the unique and maybe even a bit precious moments of the SAP cat room that my running nose wouldn’t allow me. With this new footage in tote, we have started wave two of SAP cat videos. Fewer words, more cuteness, and maybe even a little bit of viral-ability. Here is one of the first, more to come soon:

Chase Promenade

Finished editing the rest of the videos from my stint at The Oasis last Friday and posted them up on The Oasis YouTube. Here is a video from the other band I worked with, Chase Promenade.

I have a few projects on the horizon, quite a bit in pre-production so keep checking back for more news and content coming soon.

The Oasis

I just started working with a local youth center called the Oasis. They have bands that come in every Friday and Saturday to play for a crowd of largely 13-18 year olds (and a few of us 24 year olds). This is definitely the type of place I would have loved as a teen and I’m glad to see people investing time and resources into this. Here is a video of one of the bands I taped while there. More will be available in the coming days at the Oasis youtube.

That’s What I’m talking about…

Just found this from Matt Wertz’s twitter account. Absolutely stunning video. Love it.

Matt Wertz // Weight & Wings Tour Stop, Minneapolis from capture studios on Vimeo.


Speaking of the Matt Wertz tour, I was spinning his new cd nonstop before the show and since then, I haven’t been able to stop listening to Ben Rector’s cd (his opening act/guitarist). Both guys are great and highly recommended.

New Album, Slow Reveal?

City and Colour has a new album coming out on June 7th and today they released the whole album on youtube – as music over a video full screen. While I love the idea of getting the jump on an album I’ve been anticipating since the last time I saw them live, I’m not really sure this use of youtube is my favorite. It seems a bit disjointed to me – the songs don’t play one after another, not sure if the list order is album order, computer speakers – although the way I listen to most music nowadays – is never my first choice for really soaking in a new album. But enough I’ve my whining. The good news is I love it. I love music that can tell stories. Music is such a visual thing for me, well, good music. I have this natural inclination to listen to a song and just build a music video in my head. Anyhow, if you haven’t check out City and Colour, I highly recommend it. And here is the preview of the album’s title track. Can’t wait to but the cd in my car and go for one of those late night summer drives.

Hello, welcome, this is what I do.

Since moving back home to the Grayslake area last July, I’ve begun exploring the work of freelance video. With a degree in media arts with a concentration in video production from Butler University 2008 (Go Dawgs!), a poor economic situation and a bit of luck in regards to my savings account, I bought myself a camera rig. Thus far I’ve been volunteering my time to a local animal shelter, Save-A-Pet, building them a youtube channel featuring adoption videos and event recaps.

Here is one of my current favorites in regards to the work I’ve been doing for them:

This site will be used as a source to update everyone on what I’m working on and act as a live and working reel of my work. I’ll also share a bit of work out there that inspires me. I’m really up for exploring any opportunity and would love for you to contact me if you have any video needs that you think I might be able to help you actualize.